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Water Damaged Carpets Sydney NSWWater Damaged Carpets Sydney NSW

Water Damaged Carpets

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The aftermath of a flood or busted pipe is extremely inconveniencing for a homeowner. You will likely be dealing with items in the home that are damaged beyond repair. However, you may still be able to salvage your carpets, provided you take the right steps as soon as you discover the damage. Keep in mind that the extent of the damage will largely depend on the amount of time the carpets lay submerged in the water. The woven fibers start to detach from the polyurethane backing, at which point you would have no alternative but to replace the carpet.

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Stop the Water

The first thing you should do when you discover that water has come in contact with your carpet is to find out where the water came from. Whenever possible, stop the flow of water and dry out as much of it as you can to minimize the amount of time the carpet is allowed to stay wet. This also helps minimize the spread the mold and bacteria. It would be best to call in a company offering water damage services at this point. As you wait for them, clear the room of any unnecessary items and minimize foot traffic so that the latex adhesive used in the carpet is not weakened.

Type of Water

Clean water from a broken pipe or sink overflow would cause the least damage to your carpets. On the other hand, water that contains minor contaminants such as water from a toilet overflow with urine or a hot water leak could cause significant damage, while water containing raw sewage or human waste, water from a drain back up or water from outside that has touched the ground could be the most damaging.

Health Risks

Regardless of how sanitary the water is, water damage usually results in mold and bacteria growth in carpets. Unsanitary water has the added potential of affecting the health of those around it negatively, since bacterial can spread rapidly and even damage the carpet beyond repair. In fact, if you are dealing with water damage from unsanitary sources, it would be best to call in the pros immediately and have them dispose it for you. Avoid touching anything if you are not wearing rubber gloves and boots.

Expert Services

When the professionals arrive, they will probably start by assessing the situation and planning a course of action to improve the chances of your carpet being restored. Disinfectants would be used to kill harmful bacteria so it doesn’t spread. Other cleaning agents would also be used to ensure your carpet is in good condition once the cleaning is done.

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