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Upholstery Protection Sydney NSWUpholstery Protection Sydney NSW

Upholstery Protection

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Upholstery generally refers to the material that covers your sofas, couches, and chairs, and includes a range of materials such as cotton, leather and vinyl among others. Upholstery protection is done to save furniture from unnecessary damage and loss. Every homeowner wants his or her furniture to last a long time – you don’t want to have to replace them every so often, so protecting your upholstery should definitely be a priority.

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What to Avoid

Over time, common methods like using wet wipes among others have been used, but they have a destructive effect on your furniture. As you wipe off the dirt, it actually spreads over the fabric of your furniture, ultimately damaging the structure of the fiber that makes up the fabric. In addition, not all the dirt is removed and the color of your material will fade over time. Eventually, your fabric becomes weak and dull, and will soon after need to be replaced. Cheap is expensive any day.

The Benefit of Upholstery Protection

With upholstery protection, you deal with the problem before it starts. A protective layer is created on your furniture to prevent the penetration of dirt, liquids and other agents that may damage your upholstery. The protective layer acts like a shield, minimizing the damage to the fabric of your furniture. Whenever there is a spill of some liquid, it will be very easy to dab away the moisture and get rid of the stain before any damage is done. This will go a long way in reducing the costs associated with cleaning or replacing your furniture.

Types of Upholstery Protection

An anti-stain protection will shield your upholstery from the destructive effects of stains on your furniture. The treatment is applied to your carpets and mats to reduce the chances of irreversible damage. While nothing gives you complete protection, this treatment will save you both time and money when an accident occurs.

You could also have an anti-static treatment especially if you have furniture or carpets whose material is thick and easily creates a static effect. Static energy attracts dust particles to your furniture, making it a lot harder to get the clean look you want. There are different brands available for both anti-stain and anti-static treatments, so be sure to consult first.

Proficient Service Providers

When you get a professional for upholstery protection, you are guaranteed of satisfactory results. If you are searching for the right service providers in Sydney, A Pristine Carpet Clean are the experts you need. We specialize in a wide range of services including carpet protection and upholstery protection. We are a family-run company that is committed to meet your specific need. Call us today!

CARE: Our service uses water, steam and shampoo . Please check suitability with supplier or A Pristine Carpet Clean before proceeding.
Vinyl, leather and some velvets are not suitable for this process.
A leather and vinyl cleaning service is available.

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