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Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Tile is probably at the top of the list of some of the most popular and versatile flooring options today. In the past, tiles were mostly used in kitchen and bathroom floors, but more homeowners today are choosing to use it throughout the home. Tiles are durable, long lasting and can cut down on dust accumulation, which helps free your home of dust mites and other irritants. In addition, tiles are easy to keep clean, but with time, even with routine cleaning, they tend to become less lustrous.

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The mortar found between individual tiles, known as grout, is particularly susceptible to dirt, grease and grime. In most cases, grout becomes stained as a result of improper sealing when the tiles were first installed, or due to the sealant wearing off with time. In addition, normal foot traffic almost always wears off the sealant, leaving the grout exposed to staining. Note that since grout is porous, it can absorb a lot of grease and oil that could diminish your indoor air quality significantly.

Routine cleaning

Regular cleaning of your tile floors helps ensure they look good and last longer. It is therefore important to sweep and mop your tile floors on a weekly basis to keep dirt, stains and grime from building up on the tiles and grout. It will also keep your home healthy by cutting down on the amount of irritants, bacteria, mold and mildew, and allows the air to remain clean and fresh.

Professional cleaning

You will at some point require professional tile and grout cleaning. An easy way to tell whether professional services are needed is when the appearance of the tile and grout in high traffic areas is different from that where the traffic is low. It is usually the grout that requires professional attention first, and fortunately, many carpet cleaning companies offer tile and grout cleaning as part of their services.
In case the grout has mold or mildew, it can be difficult to clean this out, and scrubbing with a household cleaner will not be enough to eliminate it. In fact, the mold could infiltrate deeper into the grout – professional expertise would be necessary at this point. Professional cleaners will thoroughly clean your flooring, leaving it looking new, and then add new sealant to the grout for maximum protection.

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