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Steam Cleaning

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Most if not all professional carpet cleaners in Sydney utilize steam cleaning as part of the services they offer. Sometimes referred to as hot water extraction in the industry, steam cleaning is considered one of the most effective cleaning methods for carpets. It is worth noting that steam on its own does not do the cleaning. In fact, it is simply a by-product of the hot water that is forced out of cleaning tools at very high pressure.

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Cleaning Process

Before steam cleaning, the technician may use a hose or in-line sprayer to apply a pre-conditioner of pretreatment to break down heavy or greasy dirt for easy removal. A heated cleaning solution is forced through your carpet’s fibers to remove any soil or contaminants that are then extracted by an engine-driven vacuum. A high pressure hose that is connected to a cleaning wand is brought into the house. The cleaning solution is forced though narrow jets to flow through the carpet fibers and clean the carpet while at the same time removing the pretreatment and any dirt.

Once an area is properly cleaned, the cleaning solution and dirt residue is removed through what is referred to as a “dry pass”. This helps to ensure the carpet will dry in minimal time. The drying action is performed by a long vacuum hose that is connected to a powerful industrial blower in the cleaning company’s vehicle. It is not uncommon to also do some spot cleaning with or prior to the steam clean of your carpets.

Is it Safe?

Some carpet owners assume that steam cleaning could damage their carpets as a result of water getting into the pad beneath it. This is because the pad should not come into direct contact with water. However, professional steam cleaning does not involve soaking the carpet. Instead, the cleaning tools are designed to flush out dirt and soil in the carpet fibers and simultaneously extracting the solution; the solution does not penetrate deeper than the base of the fibers and therefore does not reach the pad.

Do it Yourself

Although there are steam-cleaning tools available today for use in the home, there is still a world of difference between DIY cleaning and professional cleaning. For one, the pressure produced by a DIY cleaner is minimal compared to that produced by a professional cleaner’s equipment. As such, the suction and extraction will also be minimal, and drying the carpet could take too much time. In addition, portable cleaners tend to be heavy and require frequent emptying and refilling, which would result in considerable fatigue.

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