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Spot Cleaning

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Removing a spot or stain from your carpet requires that you follow the correct steps to ensure the best possible outcome. One of the most confusing things for carpet owners is how to distinguish between a stain and a spot. As a general rule, a spot usually adds more substance or texture to the fibers, which would cause them to feel sticky, greasy, hard, crusty or stiff, and can be removed using spot cleaning chemicals or techniques. On the other hand, a stain will add more color to the carpet fibers and may require professional grade chemical and techniques to remove.

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Minimize the Damage

In case of a spill, quickly blot the excessive liquid using a clean towel so they do not soak all the way to the bottom of the carpet. Avoid using a towel with color, designs or stains, since the color may be transferred to the carpet in the process. Ensure that you stop the stain from spreading by blotting the area starting from the outside towards the center. Avoid rubbing the carpet, as the liquid could go deeper into the carpet as opposed to coming up.


Once the carpet is barely damp, remove any hard soil or particles by thoroughly vacuuming the area. Note that depending on the spot or stain, you may require a specially-matched product to get rid of it. The directions provided on the chosen cleaning product should be followed carefully. Make sure to stick to the proper amount even if you are tempted to use a little more of the product than recommended.

In most cases, you will be directed to apply the solution to a clean towel and continuously blot the affected area until the stain completely transfers from the carpet to the towel. Once the stain is gone, rinse the spot one last time with a hot water extraction system to ensure that all chemicals are removed. Chemical residues could lead to a dirtier carpet even quicker than before.

Special Spots

When dealing with oil, fat or wax, place a damp towel on the area and then a warm iron over it until all the fat or wax sticks to the towel. Keep in mind that the towel should remain damp throughout the process for success. If you are dealing with wax or gum, you can freeze the affected spot and then shatter the gum into multiple pieces. Finally vacuum up the pieces and rinse the area with a hot water extraction system.

Many spots and stains require professional cleaning, which you will definitely get when you call us at A Pristine Carpet Clean. In addition to carpet cleaning, we also provide other services to Sydney residents, including water damage, carpet and upholstery protection, commercial carpet cleaning and end of lease cleaning. We serve all Sydney metropolitan suburbs including Hills District, Northern Beaches, North Shore and Inner West.

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