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Rug Cleaning

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Rugs are beautiful additions to your living room or your home, largely because they make the home cozier. Most of them are made of wool and so are enjoyable to step on with your bare feet, giving you that relaxing sensation especially after a hard day’s work. Not only are they valuable because of the additional beauty, they can also be quite expensive, which is why you need to ensure their lifespan is long and their look remains as good as new. As you plan to do your rug cleaning, there are important details that you must keep in mind.

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Understand Your Rugs

The first thing you need to know about your rugs is that they can be difficult to clean. You will therefore need to get all the information you can about them. Wool is very sensitive in that it is susceptible to shrinking after washing, and utmost care should be taken when cleaning woolen rugs. Another thing that characterizes rugs is that they can easily discolor if the color runs when washing. Repeated washing would cause the rugs to fade and eventually become dull.

Rug Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your rugs will go a long way in preserving them and keeping them clean. Rugs are quite delicate and should not be treated like your typical doormat. If you need to transport them to a different location, when moving house, for instance, it would be best to roll them as opposed to folding them. This will avoid any tampering with the material of the rug. When in use, rotate the rugs regularly so that they wear out evenly. This is especially important if the rug has high traffic on one part and very little on the other. In order to keep your rugs in clean condition, vacuum them as often as possible on both sides.

Cleaning Tips

There are things that you should avoid at all costs if you want to preserve your rugs. The first is beating them in an attempt to dust them off. Beating rugs will not only damage the wool fiber, it will also make the threads become loose. You might also destroy the rug’s backing, making it weak and likely to tear. In addition, avoid vacuuming the fringe of the rug as this could damage it by sucking in the fringes, which might also be damaging to your vacuum cleaner. Cleaning rugs on your own may prove to be difficult, so it is best to get a professional carpet cleaning company to do it for you.

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