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Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning Sydney NSW Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning Sydney NSW

Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning

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First impressions are lasting impressions; and you cannot make a first impression twice. The appearance of your office determines a lot and so does its cleanliness. Over time, the need to go the extra mile in making profits and hitting targets are the priority, and this can cause some responsibilities get lost in the background. You do not want to slack on cleanliness. That professional look in your office will both motivate your employees and allow them to perform at their best in a sanitized environment.

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Know Your Carpet

The type of carpet you have will determine the kind of cleaning method you use. First of all, you should know the fabric or the material used to make the carpet. There are materials that can easily stretch or be damaged than others. Most commercial carpets are either made of nylon or olefin, which does not absorb water.

You should also know the kind of material at the back of the carpet – is it permeable or not? If it is permeable then you know that when water is used it will seep through the back and affect the glue or the floor surface below the carpet. Finally, it is important to note how your carpet is attached to the floor of your office, and the nature of the floor underneath. All this information will determine the cleaning method that best suits your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning methods generally fall into two categories: wet cleaning or dry cleaning. Wet cleaning involves the use of water with dilute amounts of detergents to remove the dirt. The amount of water used will determine how clean your carpet will be and will depend on the type of carpet you have. Naturally, this method requires drying time which may not be available in an office setting. Also there is the risk of the carpet not drying completely, thus increasing the risk of breeding bacteria, mold and other undesirables.

Dry cleaning methods are mostly mechanized. Vacuum cleaners as well as other cleaning agents like shampoos are used. Commercial carpet cleaning can prove to be a challenging task due to the immovable furniture and the busyness of the office. You may also need a solution that is flexible to your varying needs and your schedule.

Our Services

At A Pristine Carpet Clean, we cover commercial carpet cleaning for all office carpets, rugs and mats. We also offer Scotch Guard application services as well as deodorizing and sanitizing your carpets. We offer services to all Sydney suburbs and are keen on professionalism, quality, and excellence. All our cleaning products are eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about environmental or health issues. We are the one choice you will be happy to have made.

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