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Carpet Protection

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Most people take good care of their carpets – vacuuming them regularly and having them cleaned by professionals at least twice a year. However, while this will definitely contribute to the carpet’s long life, there are times during which the risk of carpet damage increases, exposing your carpet to significant damage in a short span of time. Some of the activities that would expose your carpet to more-than-normal damage include hosting a party or when repair work is carried out in the house. Fortunately, there is something you can do to give your carpet maximum protection during such activities.

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Protective Layer

Carpet protection is an invisible shield that is applied to a freshly-cleaned carpet, protecting each fiber and repelling dirt, water and oil-based soils. This helps to ensure that any spots or spills can be easily removed as opposed to creating a permanent stain. The protective coating also helps reduce wear, the effects of abrasion and possible matting. Vacuuming is also more effective when your carpet has a protective layer since the dirt does not get trapped deep in the fibers.


When your carpet at home has a protective layer covering it, you won’t have to worry so much about your children or pets causing stains on it. Preventing carpet stains with children or pets involved can be hectic, but with carpet protection, you would have enough time to mop up the spill before any serious damage is done. The same applies to mud, dirt, blood and other things that create a lot of frustration for homeowners.

Experts recommend that carpet protection be done at least once every two cleanings. However, when this is done every time you clean your carpet, you’ll eventually notice that your carpet doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. This is because the protector’s performance will be enhanced, making each professional cleaning more effective.

Commercial Cleaning

Carpet protection services are essential especially for commercial buildings or offices, simply because of the foot traffic. Repeated walking and heavy traffic affects the lifespan of carpets significantly, and this is something you cannot minimize in an office environment. As such, having your carpet cleaning company apply a protective layer on your office carpets could ultimately save you a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent replacing them.

Carpet protection allows you to protect your investment. It only costs a fraction of what you would pay to replace the carpets in your home or office, which means it more than pays for itself. A Pristine Carpet Clean offers high quality carpet cleaning and protection to ensure that your carpets serve you for a long time to come. We are available for any and all of your carpet cleaning needs at pocket-friendly rates. We serve all of Sydney’s suburbs and are available around the clock for emergencies.

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