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Boat Upholstery Cleaning

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Buying a boat is always a big investment, and it is in your interest to ensure the boat is well maintained, especially if you intend to sell it later on. In addition, you are more likely to want to spend time in your boat if it is clean. Like anything else, taking preventative measures is the best approach for boat care as opposed to waiting until you can barely see the boat under all the grime that built up over time.

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Routine cleaning of your boat will go a long way in keeping it in top shape and should be done every three weeks if you use the boat on weekends. You should consider applying a treatment to your boat’s upholstery to protect it from damage or fading due to the sun’s rays. In addition, avoid using cleaning solutions with bleach on your upholstery as this will encourage fading and running. Regular maintenance checks are recommended so you can spot any problem early on. This could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Dealing with mold

Most people love their boats because they associate them with the open sea, fresh air and clear blue skies. However, boats are by nature based in moisture-rich areas, which are fertile grounds for mold development. Fortunately, there are several products available that can deal with mold. It is advisable to go for organic and natural products as they will cause very little impact on the environment and still get the job done well. In most cases, all you have to do is add the solution to hot water and then wipe down the upholstery with it using a brush or sponge.

Avoiding mold on your boat seats will save you a lot of trouble, and it’s not difficult to do. If the seats or upholstery in your boat have become damp, you could hang them out to dry if they are detachable or let as much direct sunlight fall on them. In addition, good air circulation will draw the moisture out of the upholstery, so ensure that ample ventilation is allowed into the boat. It is also a good idea to thoroughly clean your boat before you store it for winter to prevent the buildup of frozen dirt.

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