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Needing your carpets cleaned in North Sydney? Call Carpet Cleaning North Shore on 0416 948 088 – 4 Standard Rooms.

Carpet cleaning is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks for any homeowner. Cleaning your carpet on your own would probably mean removing it from the house, and you would also need to ensure that it dries completely before you put it back in. A carpet can take days before it dries, and this is no guarantee that it will be completely dry. It would be very easy for molds to develop on it, and these come with numerous health risks, including breathing problems and allergic reactions. A suitable alternative would be to seek professional services.

Need to have Steam Cleaning done for your carpets? Why not also combine this with our Spot Cleaning service as well? Call us on 0416 948 088 and we’ll have one of our professional carpet cleaners on their way to you in no time.

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One of the reasons professional carpet cleaners are able to do a much better job is because they have reliable machinery and equipment. In addition, they use high tech cleaning methods such as steam cleaning that effectively get rid of the dirt without damaging the carpet. The water used on the carpets is released at a high pressure, effectively removing dirt, stains as well as pet hair that may be stuck in the carpet fibers.


carpet-cleaning-north-sydney-example2Another reason why professional cleaners are a great option for carpet cleaning is that they are trained in the various techniques that are used for different carpets. As such, they know the right detergents and products to use as opposed to the off-the-counter cleaning agents you might opt for. There are many carpet cleaning products containing chemicals that may not be suitable for your carpet and might even damage it. When choosing a professional cleaner, find out whether the products used are bio-degradable and eco-friendly for the best results.

Drying time

The time it takes for your carpet to dry when you have it cleaned by professionals is a lot less than the amount of time needed to dry it when you clean it on your own. This is because professional companies have drying equipment and techniques that get rid of about 95 percent of the moisture immediately the cleaning is done. This means that it will only take a couple of hours for the carpet to completely dry out, so you don’t have to risk having a damp carpet in the house. This will help protect your carpet from mold, which ultimately protects those in the home, including your kids and pets – a worthwhile investment.


If you require convenient carpet cleaning services in North Sydney that are second to none, call A Pristine Carpet Clean. We offer affordable high quality services using the most advanced equipment and safe, bio-degradable cleaning products. We are a family-run company that is committed to preserving the environment, so you don’t have to worry about your children or pets being negatively affected by the cleaning products we use. Other services we offer include rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hard floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning and leather cleaning. Our services are available throughout the North Shore suburbs including Gladesville, Roseville and Lane Cove.

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North Sydney is a suburb on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, Australia. As a commercial district and situated just 3 kilometers from the central business district, North Sydney is a home of rich cultural heritage and famous buildings; advertising and information technology industries; educational centres; panoramic landmarks; and recreation areas.

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