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Carpet Cleaning Chatswood

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You cannot speak of a hygienic home if you are not keen about regular carpet cleaning. Carpets are meant to beautify your home, but they can also become a hiding place for all manner of dirt, germs and mites. This could easily compromise the health of those living in the home. Certain considerations must also be made when deciding how to go about cleaning your carpets, keeping in mind that there are various cleaning methods and many more cleaning products available.

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Regular cleaningcarpet-cleaning-chatswood-example1

It is worth noting that carpets left with accumulated dirt usually deteriorate fast because the carpet fibers are weakened by the contaminants that make their home there. As such, it is generally recommended that homeowners vacuum their carpets at least once and up to three times a week, depending on the amount of traffic in the home. In addition, stains and spills should be dealt with as soon as they occur to prevent permanent damage, and deep cleaning should be performed at least once every year.

Methods and products

While deep cleaning is a critical part of carpet maintenance, it is important to select the most appropriate method. Choosing the wrong carpet cleaning method or product could easily damage the carpet, forcing you to purchase a new carpet a lot carpet-cleaning-chatswood-example2earlier than you should have to. The method of cleaning should always be dictated by the carpet material and the type of carpet. For instance, small rugs can be machine-washed, while wall-to-wall carpets or oriental rugs are best left to the experts.

What’s the issue?

While you can perform most minor cleaning tasks between deep cleanings, it is important to consider whether special cleaning is required. For instance, while you could easily take care of tiny stains of your own, deeper problems such as stains that have set in or pet stains should be done by professionals if you are not adequately equipped to handle them. Choosing to handle such stains on your own might result in significant damage to the carpet, requiring costly replacement soon after.


Even with minor carpet cleaning, it is important to use cleaning products that are not harmful to you, the carpet or the environment. This is in addition to selecting products based on the carpet material you are using. You can get helpful tips from the manufacturer on recommended care as well as the best cleaning products. Similarly, find out whether the professional company cleaning your carpets uses environment friendly products and equipment for the best results.


If you require the very best carpet cleaning services in Chatswood, contact A Pristine Carpet Clean today. In addition to offering affordable services, we are also keen about the environment, and use only bio-degradable and non-toxic products that are safe for you, your kids and even pets. We utilize the best equipment available today and offer complementary services such as hard floor cleaning, sanitize and deodorize treatment, leather and upholstery cleaning and end of lease as well as pre-sale cleaning. Our services are available in other North Shore suburbs including Neutral Bay, North Sydney, Mosman and Lane Cove.

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About Chatswood

North Shore’s one of the major retail and commercial districts is Chatswood, a Sydney suburb located 10 kilometres north of the central business district. Transportation is through rail services connected to other suburbs and neighboring areas. This suburb is known for its rich and prosperous multi-culture showcased during the annual Willoughby Spring Festival.

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