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Carpet Cleaning Rozelle

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When you got your carpet and had it installed in your home, you probably had your expectations. This was going to be an investment that would be worth every penny that you spent. It would also give you both aesthetic value and long service. One of the ways you can see your expectations achieved is to ensure that you have your carpet cleaned properly. Fortunately, there are many professional cleaning companies offering high quality services. As you set out to get your carpet cleaned professionally, it is helpful to know the commonly used cleaning methods.

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Dry Cleaningcarpet-cleaning-rozelle-example1

This method has been used increasingly to counter the disadvantages associated with wet cleaning methods. It is both effective in its cleaning performance and is convenient because there is no drying-time required. A cleaning compound which works like micro- sponges and which thoroughly absorbs dissolved dirt in the carpet is used. This cleaning compound is usually applied to the carpet by a machine whose brush moves in rotating motion to open up the fibers of the carpet. This ensures the cleaning compound reaches deep into the carpet for the most effective cleaning.


carpet-cleaning-rozelle-example2This method uses a shampoo that is mixed with water and applied to the carpet, which is then thoroughly scrubbed. The shampoo dissolves the dirt away and the carpet rinsed with clean water. The amount of water used helps to remove soil deep in the carpet fibers. It is effective in cleaning heavily-soiled carpets. However, this method has the disadvantage of leaving behind a foam residue. The residue is usually quite sticky and will attract dirt, resulting in rapid re-soiling that will require cleaning again.

Hot Water Extraction

In this method, a cleaning agent is applied on the carpet. A powered brush then works up the detergent through the carpet, and then high pressured hot water is directed to the carpet. This separates the carpet fibers and dissolves the dirt in the carpet. Next, the carpet is thoroughly rinsed and left to dry. The advantage of this method is that the water content is greatly reduced, which is why it is called the “reduced- moisture” method. Drying time is greatly reduced, making it convenient for most people.


This method makes use of the latest technology to deal with the residue that is left in carpets after cleaning. The cleaning compound used encapsulates the dirt and soil in crystals that are removed by vacuuming. This leaves your carpet free of any foam residue that attracts dirt, hence saving your carpet from the rapid re-soiling effect that is experienced in other cleaning methods.


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About Rozelle

Rozelle, a suburb in the inner west of Sydney, Australia lies 4 kilometres west of the central business district. It is specifically located between the suburbs of Balmain and Lilyfield. The suburb Iron Cove is the north-west border and on the south-east are Rozelle Bay, White Bay and Johnstons Bay which all surround the container port of Glebe Island.Known as upmarket organic centre, Rozelle has great restaurants, cafes and shopping centres.

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