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Carpet Cleaning Leichardt

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The benefits of having a clean carpet cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the fresh look that they bring into your home, there are many more health benefits associated with clean carpets. As a result, rigorous research has been directed to identifying effective and efficient ways of having cleaning carpets and maintaining that cleanliness.

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Previous challengescarpet-cleaning-leichhardt-example1

Carpets are made from different materials including natural fibers like wool and man-made fibers like nylon. Different carpet materials need to be handled differently especially during cleaning. Nylon carpet fibers, for instance, present the challenge of rapid soiling; any dirt that comes close to the carpet is attracted to the residue that is left in the carpet after cleaning. As a result, carpets get dirty soon after they have been cleaned.
Another challenge that has been prevalent is that of wet cleaning, which is done to remove the deep seated dirt in the carpet fibers. The problem that arises when the carpet becomes too wet is that the moisture will more often than not get into the underpad. Since this area lacks proper air circulation, it can easily develop mold and mildew. Not only does this cause harm to your carpet, it is alsocarpet-cleaning-leichhardt-example2 creates a health hazard against you and your family.

Encapsulation Technology

In response to these challenges, researchers have come up with a very effective solution. In encapsulation, the dirt and the soil are separated from the carpet fibers and are enclosed in a capsule. The encapsulated dirt and soil particles are then removed from the carpet through the normal vacuuming process. In addition, this technology leaves no sticky residue that attracts dirt after the cleaning is completed. As a result, no residue is left in the carpet, so rapid resoiling is prevented.

Hot water extraction method has also been employed to counter the effects of wet cleaning and the possibilities of the carpet not drying completely. This method, which is also referred to as “reduced moisture” method, has also been made more efficient by encapsulation technology. Instead of leaving a sticky residue behind, the technology ensures the formation of crystals that can easily be removed by vacuuming.


Proficient Services

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company in Leichardt that takes the latest developments into account, look no further than A Pristine Carpet Clean. We are a family-run company that uses the best of the latest technology and skilled technicians who are committed to excellence in service. Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and therefore safe for use in your home. We also offer other services, including steam cleaning, upholstery and leather cleaning, specialized spot cleaning, hard floor cleaning and commercial cleaning. Our services are also available in other Inner West suburbs, including Marrickville, Rozelle, Five Dock, Chiswick and Abbotsford.

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About Leichardt

Located 5 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district is Leichhardt, the suburb surrounded by Annandale to the east, Lilyfield to the north, Haberfield to the west,andPetersham, Lewisham, and Stanmore to the south. Being the administrative centre of the Municipality of Leichhardt, it has a diverse residential and commercial developments. It takes pride to be known as Sydney’s “Little Italy”. The place can be reached through the main roads of Parramatta Road, Norton Street, Balmain Road, Marion Street and Catherine Street.

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