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Carpet Cleaning Chiswick

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Most homeowners invest in carpets for various purposes; some to serve decoration purposes while others are set in high traffic areas which are mostly designed to resist dirt. Whatever the intended purpose, regular carpet cleaning is essential to increase the lifespan of the carpet and remove disease-causing microorganisms that turn carpets into breeding grounds.

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This method combines the use of hot water and a cleaning solution to remove stubborn dirt embedded in the carpet. It is wiser to hire professional steam cleaning services than handling the cleaning on your own since the professionals are more acquainted with different carpet materials and are therefore in the best position to determine the amount of water and cleaning solution that will effectively remove the stains specific to your carpet. All dirt, debris and oil extracted from your carpet is vacuumed directly into the holding tank of the truck mount cleaning machine, so you have nothing left behind to deal with afterward.

White and colored carpets

White and colored carpets need special attention as any stain on them is conspicuous and can be unattractive. carpet-cleaning-chiswick-example2Maintaining white carpets can be quite challenging; which is why they should be deep-cleaned at least annually instead of waiting for traces of soiling to show on them. This schedule can be changed if the carpet is placed in an area of high traffic or near the kitchen, where oils spill and stick to the carpet. Under such conditions, the carpet should be cleaned every six months.

Stain prevention

Most carpets come with a stain-resistant treatment. In case your carpet does not have one, you can always purchase one and apply it yourself. Though they might not prevent all stains, they will surely protect your carpet. Note that spills should be promptly dealt with to minimize the extent of damage. A clean towel should be used to dab up the spill. Rubbing anything on the spill can cause it to penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers, forming stains.

Dos and don’ts in carpet cleaning

To protect your carpet, you need to know the things you ought to do and those you don’t need to do. It is important to take care of stains as soon as they occur, since it is much harder to get rid of them after they have sunk in and dried up. In addition, while it may be cheaper to clean your carpet on your own, hiring the services of carpet cleaning professionals could actually save you money because of the quality of cleaning that increases the lifespan of your carpet.


If you require professional cleaning services in Chiswick and its environs, do not hesitate to contact A Pristine Carpet Clean. We offer specialized and affordable cleaning using the most advanced technologies and environmentally-friendly cleaning products for outstanding results. We offer tile and grout cleaning, steam cleaning, hard floor cleaning, commercial cleaning among others. Our services are also available in Rozelle, Five Dock, Leichardt, Marrickville and Abbotsford.

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About Chiswick

Chiswick, a suburb in the Inner West, Sydney, Australia is situated 9 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district. It sits on the peninsula on the Parramatta River and its neighboring suburbs include Abbotsford, Russell Lea and Drummoyne. It can be reached by ferry and bus services which are also providing transportation to the neighboring places.

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