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An increasing number of people are seeking safer, more natural alternatives to chemical carpet cleaning products. Most traditional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that have negative effects on the environment as well as your health. Individuals suffering from allergies or breathing problems tend to be particularly susceptible to the harmful effects that toxic cleaners have. As such, organic cleaners offer a safer, eco-friendly solution.

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Safe ingredients

The ingredients found in organic cleaning products are usually natural and may include aloe, citrus peel, natural minerals, cider vinegar, soybeans, vegetable fibers and botanical extracts. This combination of safe, all-natural ingredients provide an effective way to get rid of stains, dust mites and dirt from your carpets through simple steam cleaning processes.

Simpler cleaning

It is actually simpler and a lot more effective to clean your carpets with natural enzymes as opposed to harsh chemical formulations. The ingredients are gentle enough for regular use but still provide the same or more cleansing effectiveness. The carpets dry quickly and remain in great condition, and you do not have to worry about lingering odors from strong chemicals.

Long-term considerations

It is also worth noting that harsh chemicals have a damaging effect on your carpets, especially in the long run. This means you will need to replace your carpets a lot sooner than you would have to if you opt for organic cleaning products. Carpets don’t come cheap, and it is important to protect them and ensure proper care is given so they last a long time. Using organic products will ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run.

Environmental consideration

Eco-conscious homeowners are keen about organic carpet cleaning because the ingredients are safe and therefore do not pose a threat to the environment. In addition, since they are natural, there are no harsh processes required when manufacturing the products. The right combination of ingredients will clean the carpet fibers as well as or better than chemical solutions. Opting for organic products for cleaning your carpets is one of the ways you can help preserve the environment.

If you require professional carpet cleaning in West Pennant Hills from a company that is environment-conscious, then you should make that call to A Pristine Carpet Cleaning. This family-run company only uses safe, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products to ensure your home is safe and the air-quality is enhanced – not compromised. If you have young children or pets, it is important to ensure that your home is safe in all ways, including the products used for cleaning. Our services are available in other Hills District suburbs including Baulkham Hills, North Rocks and Castle Hill. We also provide tile and grout cleaning, specialized spot cleaning, carpet and upholstery protection as well as cleaning water-damaged carpets.

About West Pennant Hills

Located 25 kilometers north- west of the central business district Syndey, West Pennant Hills is considered as residential suburb but it covers also a commercial area located at Thompsons Corner. The area can be reached by bus or through the services of the nearest train stations – the Beecroft and Pennant Hills.

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